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entitled_bitch's Journal

Sarah Catherine Linden-Cresswell
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  • entitled_bitch@livejournal.com

Character name: Sarah Catherine Linden-Cresswell
Canon/Fandom: Original
Canon age: 22
Occupation/School/Etc: Cashier at a clothing boutique
Married/Single/Etc: Seperated
Where does the character live: New York
Character/canon wiki links of interest: None, currently
Character's likes: fashion, pastel colors, tanning, sunshine, beaches, power, literature, poetry, clubbing, marksmanship, mythology, cold weather
Character's dislikes: sweat, dirt, heat, math, ex-boyfriends, idiots, bad haircuts, authority, cheap things
Character pet peeves: People who don't try, pretentious people, people who are all talk and no action, rain, split ends, whining
Do you write fiction/fanfiction for this character? Links? Nothing that is currently online.
Are you involved in any RPG/etc for this character? Not currently

Sarah has no problem telling you her opinion, and she doesn't care what you think.  She grew up very priviliged and has just recently been cut off (mostly).  Currently, she may seem quite unplesant, but she's learning.  Eventually she will grow into more of a person- just try not to have her as a boss.

She's also left a very terrible husband, and is raising her son alone.  Her user name is something that one of her sisters calls her.